Apply now to join our team!

The team at CrossFit Spelaion is looking to grow our community with the help of additional motivated, personable, and knowledgeable coaches. We are looking for coaches that are passionate about CrossFit and that have a genuine desire to help athletes of all levels reach their health and fitness goals. We are a CrossFit Affiliate located within The Den at 109A N Greenville Avenue in Allen, Texas. In total, The Den is a premier training facility that offers CrossFit, personal training, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strongman training and sports performance training.

PART-TIME & FULL-TIME COACHING OPPORTUNITIES: 5-20+ hours/week with help needed across morning, evening and weekend classes (currently no classes are offered on Sundays).

COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION STRUCTURE: $15-$25/class based on qualifications and experience level, with opportunity to significantly enhance compensation with the addition of personal training (40%-60% personal training revenue sharing arrangement based on volume, experience, and qualifications).  


  • Coach the daily group classes and be well prepared prior to class for what is programmed that day (note: programming, including session plans and recommended time/progressions are provided to reduce the burden on our coaches).

  • Potential to lead new athletes through a structured Foundations program (opportunities for both group setting as well as 1-on-1 basis at higher compensation structure).

  • Provide motivation and effective cues throughout the workout.

  • Provide individualized attention and/or personally engage with each athlete at least once throughout the course of the class.

  • Maintain an emphasis on form and technique.

  • Greet members and introduce new members to the class.

  • Make sure that all equipment is properly put back and organized after class.

  • Perform opening duties at the facility when coaching the morning classes.

  • Build professional relationships with members and prospective members. He/She should have the desire to engage in conversations with members both before and after class and be an integral part of the community.


  • At a minimum, have completed the CrossFit L-1 certification course. Additional certifications a plus.

  • Be proficient in all CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting movements and be able to clearly demonstrate such movements in front of a class.

  • Have enough experience to lead movement progressions, but at the same time be able to spot athletes that are moving incorrectly and provide a balanced mix of verbal, visual, and tactile cues and personalized feedback.

  • Be an effective communicator with strong public speaking skills.

  • Have the knowledge to scale and modify movements based on an athlete’s fitness level and physical limitations.

  • Possess strong time management skills so as to ensure that the classes start and end on time.

  • Be confident and willing to correct the form and technique of an athlete that needs assistance. This is regardless of whether or not the athlete thinks that he/she needs such cues and/or if it will impact his/her competitive performance during a WOD.

  • Always be be open to learning to better themselves as coaches and be willing to take constructive criticism.

If you think you are the best candidate for this position and are excited to become a part of our team, please use the link below to or send your cover letter and resume to train@cfspelaion.com.