Our Foundations program is our beginner's course and is designed to prepare individuals who are new to CrossFit for our ongoing group classes. Foundations can be completed in a small group setting  or through private one-on-one sessions, where qualified coaches ensure that participants learn the correct technique for movements utilized during CrossFit training.

Our Foundations program does exactly what its name implies: it creates a solid foundation for new members so they can enter our group classes with a basic technical understanding of CrossFit movements and exercise philosophy. During Foundations, you will learn: 

  • How to properly perform our most commonly used exercises in a safe and effective manner.

  • How you can expect to see these movements programmed in a group class setting.

  • How you should determine your starting weights for various lifts/movements.

  • What accommodations can be made for movement restrictions, weaknesses, injuries, etc.

  • Basic protocols regarding the equipment we use. 

Beyond the "how,” we use Foundations as an opportunity to explain the "why" of what we do, which helps encourage good, sustainable training habits. Examples of this include:

  • Training with the long view of gradual improvement.

  • Why it's important to listen to your body. 

  • Why pre-class movement prep and mobility is important.

  • Why intensity is more important than volume.

  • Why we program the way we do (and how to maximize the benefits/impact to you).

Taking the time to review the How's and Why's during Foundations helps our new members make intelligent training decisions during group classes.


for only $90

  • Led by a Professional Trainer that provides Individualized Attention

  • 3 Sessions Over 1-2 Weeks (Each Session is 60-75 Minutes)

  • Customized Scheduling based on Your Availability 

  • Includes a Body Composition Scan and Analysis